List of 20 profitable niches – ideas for blogging and online business

Maybe you already have your own blog, or you are thinking of a new blog. Need some information on how to start, how to choose a niche, and how to create a business from a blog? In this post List of 20 profitable niches, you will definitely find some ideas for blogging and online business.

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How to start a blog?

You need:

Chosen niche: the content of your blog
Domain name:
the address of the site
Web Hosting:
a web store for your site
Blogging platform:
special software that allows you to easily create a blog without having to code

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Can you and how you can make money with a website?

It is possible to make money with a website or blog, some of them are creating fantastic sums of money at the moment. However, this is not a get-rich-quick option. Especially beginners who are thinking of just starting out should be aware that a business – in this case a content website, takes some time to build before it starts generating a solid income.

Here are some popular methods you can use to start generating revenue from a website or blog:

Advertising: You can run ads, for example through an advertising network like Google AdSense, CodeFuel, Amazon Ads, etc.

Affiliate marketing: It’s a great way to generate revenue as more and more people shop online. You promote products or services with direct links and at every sale, you receive a commission.

Selling products and services: you can sell digital or physical products and services such as ebooks, online courses, tutorials, graphic designs, freelance writing, coaching services, etc.

What to keep in mind when choosing a niche for blogging?

A blog or website niche is a specific topic you’ll write and create content about on your blog. Your perfect niche should be a balance between how passionate you are about the topic, how passionate are other people about the topic, and if you can make money from the topic.

How passionate you are about the topic and how much experience you have about it will affect how you maintain motivation to create content in the long run. Unfortunately, many blogs dry up after initial enthusiasm within a few months. If you choose a niche that you know well, are passionate about, and want to share your thoughts with others, you won’t run out of content ideas in the long run.

How passionate are other people about the topic will affect whether you will have a targeted audience. The more accurately you define the target group of readers in the beginning, the easier it will be to promote content and get a visit to the website.

If you can make money from the topic, you need to think at the beginning before you decide on a niche, do some research on websites on the same topic and get an idea of how much revenue you can earn in this niche.

List of 20 profitable niches – ideas for blogging and online business

The following is a List of 20 profitable niches and possible ideas for blogging and online business. Niches are often intertwined, so let your interest and knowledge of the topic guide you in your choice.

If, for example, you decide on a business niche, you can also write about finance and marketing. If you opt for the niche of health, fitness, and wellness, you will probably also write about healthy eating. If you choose the science niche, you can also write about medicine and achievements in the field. If you choose a niche hobby, this can also include gardening, DIY, etc.


Is really wide and everlast niche. A lot of people are interested in money, so this is one of the very popular niches with great opportunities. Within the topic of finance, you can choose a more specific area, based on the interests and experiences you have yourself and according to the definition of your readers. For example, you can focus on cryptocurrency, investing, loans, taxes, budgeting, frugal living, saving for retirement, and ways to make extra money.


In the field of business, you have a lot of sub-niches to choose from for starting a blog. You can write about procedures, how to start a business, you can write about tips on how to improve your career or suggestions on how to make extra money with a business. For example, you can focus on how to start a business, business plans, entrepreneurship, business finance management, types of business, laws, freelancing, small business, current trends, webinars, tutorials, and interviews.


Within business, there is a very wide field of marketing that we can choose for our niche. If you opt for a marketing blog, you can focus on affiliate marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO – search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, how to run ads, personalized marketing, public relations marketing, digital marketing, brand marketing, event marketing.

Health, Fitness, and Wellnesshealth, fitness, and wellness

This area is also very wide and has a very large target audience, looking for various tips, recommendations, ideas, and reviews for well-being and maintaining good health. This topic includes sub-niches health (men’s health, women’s health, children’s health, mental and physical health), sleep hygiene, nutrition, self-care, workout routines and tips, sports, exercises and equipment, and presentations of wellness centers and their offer and services.

Food and Cookingfood and cooking

Food and cooking blogs are one of the most popular and visited blogs, and within this niche, there is a wide selection of specifics to choose from. You can post recipes, write about cooking, baking, seasonal and healthy food, traditional food from different countries, diet lifestyles (keto diet, plant diet, diet menus, diet for heart patients, diet for diabetics), reviews of confectioneries and restaurants, kitchen equipment reviews.


If you love to travel and explore the world, a travel blog is a great opportunity for you to share your experiences and adventures with others. Depending on what you are interested in and how you travel, you can choose to write about traveling with children, traveling by train, traveling by bike, traveling with a van, sharing travel tips, packing lists, presenting places you visit, camping destinations, glamping destinations, commenting on accommodation facilities, holiday ideas, you can interviewing other travel bloggers.

DIY & CraftingDIY

This is a very popular niche. If you are creative, artistic, and have ideas, you can help your target audience with your DIY blog with ideas about products, presentations, and processes, with valuable information. You can decide in more detail and write about crafts for kids, crafts for adults, sewing, knitting, home decor, woodworking, artistic creations, craft supplies and materials, DIY projects, and DIY gifts.

Beauty and fashionbeauty and fashion

You can start a beauty and fashion blog if you have a good fashion sense. This is one of the most trending niches, as people like to check out recommendations and experiences with products from this niche. You can promote clothes, accessories, shoes, beauty products, cosmetics, jewelry, and write product reviews, makeup tutorials, about healthy hair, skincare tips, fashion trends, fashion events, hauls, favorite stores, brands, and online sales.


If you want to write about lifestyle, you must first concretely define the target group of people you want to be your readers. It is a mistake to think that everyone will read if you write about anything and everything. So decide for example for which age group you want to write (teenagers, seniors, people around 30), for gender (men or women), and then prepare concrete content for the selected target audience about lifestyle (healthy eating, daily routine, personality, fitness, music). It can be a healthy lifestyle, solo lifestyle, teenage lifestyle, bohemian lifestyle, laptop lifestyle, nomadic lifestyle, rural lifestyle, the city lifestyle, and lifestyle publications.


Those of you who are tech lovers and want to share your passion for technology with others can start a technology blog. As technology evolves very quickly, there are many products on the market that make our lives easy and comfortable, and people are looking for presentations and recommendations about these products. You can opt for mobile technology, digital technology, Hi-Fi Tech gadgets, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality technology and write about technology news, present products, share product experiences, gadget reviews, and How to use instructions.


Each of us has many different relationships in life, and if you are interested in this area, you can choose a niche in relationships. You can choose to write about family life, romantic relationships, and dating, ideas, and tips for a perfect first date, parenting, and relationships with children, tips for improving relationships, tips for a healthy relationship, how to get over a breakout, love and marriage for men and women of a certain age, reviews of dating services and products, co-living tips, how to handle disagreements, intergenerational relationships, and activities.


Gaming has a very wide fan base, and if you’re a gaming fan too, then this niche is right for you. The range of game types is wide, from board games to video games, and it’s up to you which direction you go. You can share gaming tips, tutorials, walkthroughs, videos, trailers, write about PlayStation games, XBOX games, board games, post the latest news, game reviews, gaming equipment, game designs, and trending game stories, and entertainment.


People often search the internet for spiritual content as well, from books, explanations, tips, readings, and gift items. The spirituality niche is certainly a very promising and growing niche. It is suitable for healers, coaches, counselors, and writers of spiritual content. It provides the opportunity to publish card readings, and presentations of products that promote spirituality, books, and gifts for various occasions. You can focus on a specific type of spirituality: religious spirituality, mystical spirituality, authoritarian spirituality, intellectual spirituality, service spirituality, and social spirituality.


Some people do gardening professionally, and many people do it as amateurs. In this niche, you can write about seeds, vegetables, plants, flowers, herbs, trees, and fruits. You can prepare articles on how to grow, how to care, and present gardening equipment and accessories. You can focus on different types of gardening: organic gardening, symbiotic gardening, container gardening, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, demonstration gardens, butterfly gardens, water gardens, zen gardens, and fairy gardens.


Education is a good topic and a great long-term investment of content. You can create a blog in two ways, whether you are an academic resource, and share your knowledge, lessons, instructions, or courses. Or you publish and promote the content of educational institutions and online programs. You can present online courses, language learning, tutorials, publications, textbooks, and e-books, write an education blog for teachers, elementary education blog, an education blog for students, and publish news, studies, and professional research.


This niche is also very popular, as people like to browse the web in their free time and look for light entertainment content. These can be gossip and interviews with celebrities, news, and events from the world of art and culture (festivals, art exhibits, amusement parks, traveling exhibitions, water parks, fairs), you can post movie reviews, music reviews, TV show reviews and guides, content from the world of comedy (jokes, stand-up comedy events, performers).


This field is very broad, but science is basically divided into three types: modern science (biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and Earth science), the social sciences (psychology, sociology, economics, history) which study people and societies, and the formal sciences (mathematics, logic, theoretical computer science), which study abstract concepts. You can write about science news and breakthroughs, science stories and interviews, outer space, promote online scientific publications, research news, and publish presentations of scientists over time and their achievements.


Medicine is a specific science that falls under science. Because it is so extensive, it can be a standalone niche to which you dedicate your blog and content. You can write medical news and breakthroughs, updates about the latest studies and research, healthcare basics, specific health problems, medicines on the market for certain health problems, home remedies, “how-to” guides, answers to everyday questions, or FAQs, patient stories, expert interviews.


If you have a hobby or activity that you do regularly, you can also create a blog on this topic. Under the niche of the hobby, various other niches can be intertwined, such as DIY and crafting, cooking, gardening, fitness, and gaming. If you are interested in sports, you can focus on certain games, present players, rules, equipment, training, and matches. If you are involved in music, you can promote music products, music events, and tutorials. Hobbies that often appear in blogs are also photography, videography, motorbikes, cars, and fishing.


A lot of people have pets, so this is also a good idea for a blog. If you are an animal lover, or you have a pet, you have certainly already watched and read content on the Internet from this niche. You can write about pet health, pet food, pet food brands, and recipes. About pet behavior and training, pet products, gift ideas, celebrations, DIY for pet toys, pet stores, pet industry trends, your story, expertise, traveling with pets.

My Conclusion

Feel inspired to blog? I hope this List of 20 profitable niches gave you ideas for blogging and online business. Before you start creating content, register a domain name, and choose web hosting and blogging platforms.

To help with these first steps, I suggest you read my Wealthy Affiliate Review – all you need to know post and sign up for free.

Then start posting content, improve your knowledge and learn how to write blog posts that build your authority and rank on search engines.

A useful tool is the Jaaxy keyword research tool, I suggest you read my Jaaxy keyword research tool review – all you need to know and try it for free.

Then look for ways to promote your blog and reach a wider audience.

In each of these niches, there are people who succeed and make money. Which is proof that you can make money by writing a blog. Will you be successful too? It depends on your long-term enthusiasm, dedication, and perseverance.

I wish you much joy and success with your blog,

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  1. This is truly an amazing list of profitable niches to blog about, and I currently blog about travel as in my previous job I traveled around the United States seeing different places and letting others share my experiences with my readers. Now that I had a health scare recently, going start a blog about my recovery with new recipes to fit my health needs. I have shared your blog post with my social media followers.

    • Thank you for your kindness. For me, too, this is my second blog, the first I have from a niche of spirituality. I wish you a lot of success with the second blog and a speedy and faster recovery,


  2. Very informative blog on profitable niche ideas. I am into the food and health niches and find these are very lucrative niches. As you have stated , what is important is to choose a niche that you are passionate about and have a wealth of  knowledge on, makes it easy to write a blog on it. Yes there are several ways of making money with a website.

  3. Hey Nina,

    This list is excellent and I think it will help a lot of people who want to start blogging and making money online.

    I started my blog in 2020 on leadership, and I haven’t made a lot of money yet. But, I am niching down and I am hopeful that before the end of this year I will start to make more money.

    Keep up the great work and keep blogging.

    All the best,


    • Hi, Tom! Then we started at about the same time. I have now decided on another blog, with the first one I am gaining initial experience.
      Thanks for the kind comment, I also wish you a lot of success in your niche,

  4. Thank you for this resource. I agree that these are the best niches, However I had not known about science being a good niche. I would have thought that niche is super hard to rank since it has big medical websites doing content. But I guess there might be some niche one can focus on on science.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. True, science can be a tricky niche, but you have a well-defined target audience, and if you know how to attract them with your content, you can be very successful. I would add to your comment that there is a lot of competition in every niche, but with perseverance and great content you can become a competition to others.
      I wish you much success,

  5. I’ve seen several posts that have lists of profitable niches, but this one offers clear explanations for each one, and that helps me better to make a decision about which niche to choose.
    Are online searches for recipes the reason for the popularity of food blogs?
    Some people recommended me to start an education website. Are there any good themes for education websites?

    • Thanks for the compliment on the niche description and the kind comment.
      Regarding food blogs, I would agree that the visit is huge because people are looking for recipes and procedures for preparing meals on a daily basis.
      If you are thinking of an education blog and you have WordPress, you have quite a nice selection of themes for an education blog, and you can choose according to your wishes, needs, and what look you like.
      I wish you much success and all the best,


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