List of free classified ads sites – without registration

This form of free advertising has become very popular and extensive, so more and more new web portals with classified ads are being created. In this post List of free classified ads sites – without registration, I will post links to up to 50 such sites, some of them I have also tested myself and posted classified ads on them in the last few weeks.

As already mentioned, these are sites where registration is not required to submit an ad. However, most require account activation via email. There are also classified ads sites where registration is required.

What are Classified Ads Sites?

Classified advertising is a form of advertising found in newspapers, online, and in other magazines, and can be sold or distributed for free.

Online classified ads are a form of promotion that falls under online advertising. We attract customers with online marketing messages.

Classified ads sites are sites where you search for or sell your services or products online.

Advantages and disadvantages of advertising on classified ads sites ok

Classified websites are great places where anyone can sell what they want, from products to services. Posting ads is simple, free, and you can make yourself more visible online.

Some of the advantages of advertising on classified ad sites are:

The ad is easy to compose and manage: The format of the ad is not required or limited, the seller composes it according to their needs. Some describe the ads in detail and some briefly. You can also add images to your ads, which attracts your potential customers even more. Sellers may re-publish the same content and ad format on other sites. Some of these also have the option to refresh your ad from time to time.

Advertising is financially advantageous: Most websites have the option of posting free ads, so you don’t need to plan your advertising costs on classified ads sites. However, you have the option of paid ads, in this way your advertising provider will make your ad more visible and frequent.

A large number of potential customers: Internet technology has connected users from all over the world, which means you are not bound by geographical locations. You can choose an international targeted audience of all kinds. Greatly visited free classified ads sites can easily be found by thousands of customers from all over the world in a matter of days.

A large number of potential visitors to your site: Using classified sites also allows you to generate online traffic. In the ad, you can share a link to your website and invite people to visit it. This way, many people who read the ad will click on the link and visit your site.

Well-organized and user-friendly website: Because they are designed to attract a large number of potential customers, these classified ads sites have a user-friendly interface that allows for an easy buying and selling process. They also operate 24 hours a day, which means sellers can post and buyers can view ads without time limits.

Some of the disadvantages of advertising on classified ad sites are:

Competition: There are many competing ads on some classified websites, so you really need to make an effort to make your ad stand out and attract potential customers. With a good strategy, you can use free ads as a promotional tool for your goods and services.

Loss of ad position: With new third-party ads, your ad will fall lower and lower in the rankings, so it’s a good idea to post and update your ads regularly. With a good strategy of regular posting, you will ensure better positions for your ad.

Posting an ad on many sites: If you want satisfactory results, it is not enough to post an ad on one classified site. Choose the most suitable pages for yourself and with a good strategy of regular publishing on more classified websites, the results will be better and more visible.

How to post a free ad

In the following, I will summarize the steps, but first I will describe how I started publishing free ads.

First I looked for a list of free classified sites – without registration. I looked at competing ads on these pages to get a rough idea of what such an ad should look like. Then I designed my ad and decided on a strategy of posting 2-3 ads a day. I keep my own record in which I have a link to the website and the ad and some notes. This was my one-month plan, and after a month I will start repeating the process by posting new and refreshing ads.

Step 1: Find the best sites to accept free ads. You can choose from my list of free classified sites.

Step 2: Take a look at competing ads to get an idea of what such an ad should look like.

Step 3: Design your ad to be competitive and attractive to customers. Also, prepare 3 to 5 photos that you can attach to your ads.

Step 4: For a better organization, decide on a strategy for how often you will post ads and how you will follow your list.

Step 5: Visit the classified site, click on “post free ad” and follow the instructions on the page regarding filling in the sections (title, category, place, ad description, photos, contact information).

Step 6: Follow all administrative instructions for submitting classified ads. Some give you instant approval, while others will send you an email with an activation link.

Categories for free ads

This is an example of splitting categories from one Classified Ads Site. Within each category, you also have subcategories listed. Your goal is to place your ad under the category that makes the most sense for your content.

List of free classified ads sites – without registration



















































My Conclusion

I started my classified ad strategy a few weeks ago and have already seen increased website traffic. My next move is to improve my ad and publish it on more pages. Free classified sites are a great way to market your services and products online for free and promote your website. This way you can gain more visitors and more potential customers.

As I said at the beginning, there are more and more free classified websites. I shared a list of free classified sites – without registration, most of which I tried myself. If you decide to publish classified ads, the task is quite simple: create an attractive ad, choose the appropriate category, the right target audience, and publish it on as many pages as possible.

All the best,

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  1. Really thank you so much for a post like this. Because I am also working hard these days to increase website traffic. I use backlinks a lot of the time. I also use my social media account a lot. Really thank you so much for giving me this list. I will definitely be using these from today. Thank you so much for this. Keep writing posts like this.

    • I’m glad you’re excited about the post and that you recognize this type of free advertising as an opportunity. I definitely wish you a lot of success on your journey, hard work definitely pays off in the long run,


  2. To be able to post ads for free is simply awesome. Traffic is what every business owner and blogger wants, and with the cost of paid advertising. many beginners cannot afford it, or don’t have the expertise to buy solo ads. 

    So this list of links is so helpful. You mention that you have started using some of these sites and have seen an increase in your website traffic, so it would be interesting to know which sites you have found to be useful for you at this stage. Thanks for sharing this brilliant resource. 

    • Thank you for your comment and your kind words. Given that this site is just starting to take shape, and I don’t have a lot of traffic yet, it’s easier to identify. For my site, I use the Site Kit plugin to monitor traffic. Directly on some of these classified ad sites, you have information on how many clicks and views your ad had.

      Currently, I have the best results on hotfreelist (link 6 on my list) and freebestads (link 20 on my list).

      I wish you much success,


  3. Great resource! I was unaware of these sites and I’m wondering how much traffic they get? I guess they can rank quite high in the search engine results?
    It seems to be a great way for a beginner to get their products to the market without having to pay loads of money for advertising.

    I’ll pass the page on to some people I know who have products to sell.

    Many thanks for sharing.

    • I admit that now in my case I am just researching how it is with traffic. But given the number of ads, and the number of ad views, some of these pages are quite popular, so I guess they can rank quite high in the search engine results.
      Thanks for the kind comment and sharing.
      All the best,

  4. Wow! What a great resource! I never thought of adverstising on virtual ads. Thanks for all the great information including how to do it. I will definitely try this. It sounds like it is quite helpful to gain more traffic on a website. Thanks again, Nina


    • I am currently working on improving my ad, and I am preparing another post in which there will be some tips on how to write a really great ad.
      Thanks for your comment, I wish you a great response to your ads.


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