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The online classifieds market is expanding rapidly and is a market-oriented opportunity for advertising in all areas. In this post, I share with you a List of free classified ads sites – worldwide. In a previous article, I shared with you a List of free classified ads sites – without registration.

I must say that the pages from this current list, unlike the previous one, I have not yet tested. First, I decided to advertise on sites from the previous list. If you are interested to find out more about What are classified ads sites, the Advantages and disadvantages of advertising on classified ads sites, and how to post a free ad, welcome to check out my previous post.

Most of these sites do not require registration to post an ad, as they want to make the use of advertising services and the user experience as simple and attractive as possible. But as I mentioned, I haven’t checked these sites yet, so some may need registration.

In this post you can read:

How to make your ad more attractive and visible to a targeted audience

targeted ad

Here are some tips for making your ad more attractive and visible to a targeted audience with a few examples for the call to action.

Select the target group, category and subcategory

It is easier to write an ad or an advertising message if you know exactly to who you are writing it. You can address your message directly to those who need your service or product. This way, the ad is more personalized and has more depth for potential customers.

It is also important that you post your ad in the relevant and right category and subcategory. This way, you’ll ensure that your ad is visible to the target audience looking for services and products in that particular category.

Make your title stand out

The headline is basically the most important part of your classified ad, as it is the first thing your audience reads. The title should not be too long, and it should attract the target audience with an attractive and strong message. Include in the title also keyword so people can find your ads easily.

Audiences will not read the rest of your ad unless your title catches their attention. So I mention again that the title, not just the description in the ad, must be tailored to your target audience.

Carefully formulate your message

Before you start writing your ad, take a look at competing ads to get an idea of what such an ad should look like. As already mentioned, you need to attract the reader with the title to read the full ad. Describe your product or service accurately. In the description, be brief, direct, and reader-oriented. The reader must feel that you are addressing him. Use clear and simple language.

Before you end with a call to action, you must decide what actions you want your customers to take, and when. There are lots of possible actions you could propose.

Call to Action (CTA)

Be sure to provide a strong call to action. That is your real goal. CTA has to be clear, so your readers know exactly what they have to do next. Your CTA will be powerful if you inform people (what) and motivate (why).

There are different types of CTA, use the one that works best for you. ok


Sign up – you can invite your potential customers to sign up for a free trial, online course, or upcoming event.

Join us – you can invite people to join you in a group or discussion on some social network or website.

Subscribe – readers can be invited to subscribe for newsletters, updates, upcoming events, receiving tips and Info about something.

Try for free – this option allows people to try a service or product for free before deciding to purchase or paid membership.

Get started – it can be similar to CTA as a free trial, which encourages people to get active, for example, through online courses, training, and virtual reality experiences.

Learn more – you invite readers to read more about a particular subject and gain additional and useful information.

Call a number – sometimes it makes sense to provide a phone number and motivate people to call.

Book an appointment – is a direct invitation to the booking campaign.

Making a purchase – is a direct invitation to purchase a product or service.

Click the button – can be used in combination with almost all CTA examples. The easiest action for the reader is to click on the button, which then brings him to the page where he can join, order, buy, or subscribe.

Add the appropriate picture

At first glance, images attract much more attention than words. So choose the best picture with relevance to your advertisement. On some pages, you can add up to three, and on some even up to five images, so take the opportunity to get people to read your ad with image material as well.

List of free classified ads sites – worldwide

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My conclusion

I started my classified ad strategy a few weeks ago with the first version of the ad. I’ve updated it in the meantime following the tips I share in this post, and my ad really looks clearer, informative, and professional. With a strong call to action.

In this post, I shared the second list of free classified sites – worldwide, which I have not tried yet because I first started advertising on sites from the previous post. But I will definitely start testing these sites in the next phase.

I wonder what your opinion is about this type of advertising, the experience of those who already advertise on these free ad sites. Do you use different forms of promotion and which one is your favorite or most effective? Thanks for the feedback.

All the best,

14 thoughts on “List of free classified ads sites – worldwide”

  1. Hey Nina,

    thanks for the list and the tips that go with it. I’ve been searching for some good advice around getting an ad right… Are there any of the directories that you would recommend more than most?

    Thanks again, look forward to seeing more of your tips in the future…

    • Thanks, John for your comment. As I mentioned in the post, I’m just testing the pages from the previous list and monitoring the response, and since I notice different responses and views, now it’s hard to recommend one page more than the other. It is definitely good to post on multiple pages.
      All the best,

  2. We are glad to see this article it has lead us to making a better decision on how to get free ads on our websites.
    The tips you provide at the bottom helps us start heading in the right direction to getting more traffic to our website, but the right people.
    Thanks again for giving us details and so many tips to work with.


    • I’m glad you find these tips useful, and I definitely want that they serve you well and bring you results if you decide to start posting ads on classified ads sites.
      I wish you all the best

  3. List-of-free-classified-ads-sites-worldwide,
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    Post a job vacancy or search for a new home,
    There’s something for everyone on this website.

    You can find buyers and sellers from all over the world,
    The website is easy to use and navigate,
    So take advantage of this free resource today,
    And start selling those unwanted items.

    What a useful list of links and great advice – thank you!!

  4. I’ve been trying to work on my CTAs and ads in general. I can use these tips. When I formulate a message, I usually leave it for a day and when I see it the next day from a more objective perspective I can make some more edits.
    Do the websites you listed here allow you to post ads there for your business? For a while I’ve also used Good AdSense but I didn’t like it very much since their payment method is problematic in countries with bad mail service (because they send only checks). What other free ad sites do you recommend?

  5. This is great information. From one who has never placed an ad, you have given me good direction on how to write one, how to target an audience, and how to make great call to action suggestions. In your opinion, can the ad be for your entire blog since it is a particular niche or should you place an ad for each individual post? I’m hoping I can place one for the entire niche and target that population. What do you think?

    • Hi Nina! I suggest you try to promote your niche and invite a targeted group to read more on your website if you have an interest in getting more traffic to your site. If there is no satisfactory response, try promoting individual articles, as the ad may be more specific.
      And I also suggest you start. Take a look at some similar ads from your preferred category first, then write your own. You will be constantly editing and upgrading your ad.
      I wish you much success

  6. I agree with you that a captivating title attracts people’s curiosity so that people will want to read more from you. Since you’ve tested the pages from the previous list and monitored the response, did it bring you lots of quality traffic, or whether it helps you achieve your goal?

    • Greetings and thanks for the comment. When I followed the response a little more actively at the beginning, I noticed a little more increased website traffic, which is definitely a good thing. So in part, my goal has been achieved.
      I wish you all the best

  7. Thank you for this article.
    I have always avoided any sorts of ads as they just seem to be too costly and also too complicated which means that it takes time away from your business.
    But you have laid it out well like a professional when you said the message is vital as well as they title of the ad as this will indeed attract people more.

    • Thanks for the comment and your opinion. True, classic forms of advertising are expensive, and most small business owners cannot afford such advertising. This form, however, is accessible to all.
      I wish you all the best


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